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How to fuse gold dust to silver

I have 14ky and 18ky scrap and filings, and I was curious to know if
it is possible to fuse gold filings onto a silver surface, and how to
do it. It would be economical if I can use the filings from previous
fabricated pieces, but if not, I could file clean metal. I use
TruSilver Plus sterling silver from Hoover, as well as traditional
sterling silver, if that makes any difference.

My wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, and I would like
to make her something with materials that I already have on hand. I
have seen on the internet, jewelry that looks like gold dust fused
onto silver and then the silver is oxidized. This is the look that I
am going for.

All suggestions and help is appreciated.

Did you get any replies to your question? Sounds like a good idea

Do a test piece first,

  1. fluxing with water thinned out white paste solder, (very thin).
  2. Sprinkle gold dust/filings on.
  3. heat from the back first to have the dust/filings bond to the solder (that way the flame from the torch doesn’t blow them off)
  4. come back in for the front with a soft flame and get the metals to sweat. At some point you should see a texture in the silver rise a bit & see the bond form between it and the gold.
  5. Quench, clean & re-flux & do the process again, this time you’ll be able to use a bit more heat.
    6.You’ll also able to planish the surface at this point if you want it smoothable.
    Please, This is just one approach, let others kick in and see what other methods come up.
    All this depends on the shape and weight of the piece you’re doing, Extreme thick to thin areas will be really tough.
    Thanks, Jim
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Thank you Jim - I will certainly be trying this.

Hi JIm - Can you tell me what you mean by white paste solder? I’m seeing silver paste solder (actual solder), but I also get a lot of white paste fluxes when I Google ‘white paste solder.’ I’ve been trying to find a technique for this for a while; this seems like a good one to try … once I figure out what you mean. :slight_smile:



I believe he means the name brand Handy Flux.
I would also recommend raising the fine silver skin on sterling prior to fusing.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try (with silver first, before I dip into my stash of gold dust). I appreciate the response.


Pretty sure he means to thin out typical white paste solder with water.