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How to fuse copper

Can I fuse small copper wire to a copper cuff how

You can solder wire,not sure if fusing would be possible.

I have fused copper before. It’s pretty ugly. If I wanted to join two piece of copper, I would use copper or silver solder. I do run a hot torch along the edge of a piece of thin copper sheet fusing it because I like the results from a design point of view and it will strengthen the overall piece if I want to bend it as in a cuff bracelet. Copper is pretty cheap. Buy some and give it a try. Be sure to use a lot of flux and a lot of heat. Good luck…Rob

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Thank you let u know how it goes

I have used Rio’s copper solder. Sometimes it comes out a nice bright copper color match, and sometimes it comes out dark grey. I’m not sure why (perhaps temperature?) In either case, whether copper colored or grey, I prefer it to silver solder because it doesn’t stand out . I think the key whether using silver solder or copper solder is to have a tight joint and only use the amount of solder you need to minimize clean up the goal being to end up with a infinitesimal join. In retrospect, I don’t find it unacceptable to use silver solder on copper except in the case of copper chains where I see that repeating silver bit. In fairness, I haven’t tried plating chains to cover the solder join though I hear that is an option. I don’t do enough with copper chains to bother. I also recommend experimenting with fusing. It would be interesting to try it in a kiln.