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How to find a sales rep?

I would appreciate any info regarding finding a sales rep, typical
agreements, etc. Please email @Kate_Rogovin


dear kate: you can check in the back of trade magazines, you will see
some ads i the classified section… go to trade shows and approach
the booths that are not artist run. if the booth has more than one
artist then they may be open for repping you, if your goods is non
conflicting, but “hangs” together- think “comes from the same

also check the establishments in the jewelry/accessories market area
of your city. usually there are many reps located near each other in
a specific area of the city.

you can also check the yellow pages.

and last but not least you can ask in the shops where you would like
to see your work, get friendly with the owner and ask them to
recommend a rep. if the conversation is handled correctly this is
your best shot because they will recommend someone they know,(and
probably like,) and you start with a reference from a mutual

good luck,
april karavani
de-tech studio