How to find a right sample maker?

My Jewelry business takes a different direction and I need to find a
sample maker for my designs. Is there any ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ in
finding this kind of service? Any suggestion will be greatly

VoLi Jewelry

Are you referring to finished base metal samples or master models ?
The “do” is = choose someone who will work closely with you by being
willing to email pics of your samples for your approval and will
sign a confidentiality agreement as well. Phone conversations are
also important so you ‘don’t’ want to use someone who is hard to get
ahold of. Let me know, be glad to be of assistance if you need wax
master models.

Margie Mersky Custom Designs, INC

Talk to Dan Grandi from RaceCar Jewelry. He is one of the raffle
donators and a long time supporter of Ganoksin. He is well respected
in working with customers in making models and samples for jewelry


Karen Christians
Waltham, MA

I was a sample maker for a couture fashion designer and it has led
me into starting my own line of jewelry. I recommend paying them well
if you want them to not knock off your designs or have them sign a
contract (in NYC as a grad student, she was paying me $15 an hr to
make samples), I didnt, and she should have had me do it. Also, make
the sample maker feel a part of the team by inviting them to
different shows etc. It is a learning experience for all. Make sure
you have at least 2 sample makers or 1 full time. If you have 2 part
time, it gets you out of paying for benefits. I found the job through
an ad on craigslist. Most young, hip, designers, etc are acclimated
with that website. Hope this helps!


I need finished metal samples. What exactly is master model?

I have confidentiality agreement on hands, thanks for reminding me
about it. Although i always thought that if my designs will get
copied, it is probably hard to trace it to a sample maker.