How to Fill Pencil Torch

I just received a pencil torch (which I am told is used in dental
labs). I want to use it when I am away from my bench but can’t figure
out how to fill it with butane. The tip on the cans of butane that
refill lighters is too small to go over the refill nozzle on the end
of the torch. I have been all around town trying to solve this - gas
stations, hardware stores, places where they refill propane tanks
(but I learned not butane) all to no avail. I live across the Bay
from San Francisco. Can any one help me?

You need to look for, the butane cans that have the little assorted
nozzles inside the cap or moulded as part of the cap. It will
announce on the can label that they will fit all nozzles. someplace
that sells smoking stuff generally has this type of can.Take them
and dry fit them to the torch for fit. The torches and cans are not
going to give a real tight fit most times.To fill hold the can with
the nozzle up right on a table/bench, with the adapter in place.
Bring the torch down the torch fill port down on the nozzle. Press
and hold down will filling. you may have to crack the valve while
filling on occasion if the charge doesn’t last, to purge the torch
fuel cell. Also you can turn everything upside down and fill the
torch with liquid gas. It will get cold, and most of them do leak to
some extant. I have had a number of them over the years and have
found they don’t provide the best return time/use wise. The larger
butane torch about 5 inches tall and self standing works better. Item number: 42099

Is a picture of an example of the torches. Harbor frights site is a
great source for info,pictures and tools. If you are so inclined.
They also list the other types of pencil torches and you can down
load the product manuals for most of the items on the site so you
can read the recommended instructions.

The usual disclaimers, legalize apply and the standard safety
warnings when dealing with torches and pressurized cans of fuel.

Been there, still doing that but use a glove if they leak to bad!


This is a clarification of my last post, I Didn’t make it clear that
after practicing with the can upright on the table with the torch on
top of it filling it with gas to get the hang of using the nozzles
and or adapters. That the preferred method for filling all these
type of refillable torches is that they be filled with the gas valve
closed and in the upside down position, so the torch fuel tank can
be filled with the liquid butane. Takes only a couple of seconds,
from 2 for the pencil torches. To around 5 seconds for the larger
mirco style torches. Also you have to wait a couple of minutes for
the fuel to adjust before using the torch again.

been there, doing to many things at once this last day of the year.

Hope you and yours have a safe and happy new year!



The tip on the cans of butane that refill lighters is too small to
go over the refill nozzle on the end of the torch. 

Many refill canisters of Butane come with an assortment of plastic
nozzles in the cap of the canister. Select the one that fits the
refill hole of your torch, install it on the nozzle of the refill
canister & refill the torch.