How to figure blank size for replacement earring?

Hello Orchid,

I’m not sure how to figure the blank size to make a replacement earring to match the one in the photo below. The first attempt was close, but not exact.

Any help is most appreciated.

I think it might be quicker and less worrisome to make a new pair. What do you think?

Tony Konrath

Hi Tony,

That thought has also crossed my mind!


I agree with Tony. Just make a new pair.

Jerry in Kodiak

We recently had to do the same with 1/2 a pair of beloved 18kt gold earrings. Tim simply cut the one in half and soldered a flat back plate to both halves. Made an additional post, hinge and hook and soldered the findings back on. So now the customer can wear the flat side against her head with the contoured side out. They match and she’s a very happy camper.
-Jo Haemer

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That’s an interesting solution.
Thanks for sharing!