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How to engrave name?

I would like some advice on what type of tool I would need to
engrave my name date and a number on the back of my pieces. I have
been using stamps, but would like to be able to put my whole name in
script on the back of each piece. I saw a gentleman who did this to
his pieces at an arts fair this summer, but did not think to ask him
what he used to do it with at the time. It was not deep hand
engraving, but looked more like it was done with a rotary or
vibratory tool. I do not really want to invest in a whole engraving
machine set up, and was just looking for something I could use
freehand to put a signature on my work. Would one of those hand
held vibro-gravers like the Burgess vibro-graver in the Contenti
catalogue work? Thanks in advance. Jessica in green Pennsylvania