How to easily hang a rotary tool with flex shaft

Hello Orchidland, NEW topic: cheap way to hang a Dremel rotary tool with attached flexible shaft

Problem: My faithful Fordam flex shaft is still packed away and I need to power drill. Bought a flexible shaft for the reliable Dremel…but how to hang it?? We’re talking cheap. No adjoining wall to mount a hook. Hmmmm. Maybe an IV tree - maybe not. Perhaps adapting one of those metal hooks used to hand a bird feeder? Gotta be something easier.

Solution: I bought a ratcheting bar clamp. This one is 24" long with a little hole in the end of the bar - cost 9 US$ + tax. Clamped that sucker to the edge of my work table with the bar straight up. Sister hook through the little hole and voila - a perfect way to suspend that Dremel rotary tool with the flexible shaft attached to it. Easy. Cheap. Removal is simple, as is installation.

Thought others might find this out-of-the-box idea to be of use.
Judy in Kansas, who is so glad the tornadoes danced around us. Very sympathetic for those in NE and IA and Mo who were not so fortunate!


Nicely done! Post a picture if you get a chance, I’d love to see how you did it.

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Responding to the request for pix. Hope this works!
Judy in Kansas


Flex shaft support .pdf (1.6 MB)
My solution was metal pipes and joints which I sprayed turquoise for fun, then added PVC pipe holders with holes for most used bits. My Pfingst flex shaft has two shafts, one lower powered, and moves easily on the pipe which swivels on the base.


My solution was a cup hook in a ceiling joist and hang the flexshaft by a stout bungie cord.



I love your tiger print!

Thanks. Artist is Charles Frace’. Have had the print for nearly 50 years.

I like your repurposed door for a bench top. Our Dad used to make show tables out of old doors by adding folding legs to them. I still have a couple and have used them for years. I also have one of his wood and glass cases that was made by our younger brother. Don has Dad’s bench and the other case. We both have many of his tools and use them regularly. Making do and re-purposing has been a theme in our shops for years. As for how I hang my flex shafts: from the floor joists above me. Since my shop is in the cellar, I can hang a lot of stuff from them. I love to see other artist’s shops. They are as varied as we are. Thanks for sharing…Rob

I love this idea Judy_in_Kansas!

I’m not sure if this tip will be relevant with hanging a Dremel style flex shaft, because it doesn’t have as much torque. With my full power flex shaft I found that it would sometimes bounce around with enough force to make my handpiece bounce too. This was problematic when trying to be accurate like with stone setting.

I noticed that some Foredom flex shaft hangers have a strong spring in between the hanger and the flex shaft. I decided to give that a try. I found that the spring acts like shock absorber and makes for less bounce at the handpiece. It was a huge improvement and an inexpensive solution to that particular issue.



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Good point about torque and swinging motors…Rob

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