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How to download and save videos to watch off line later

I have tried to do this but as soon as I am offline I can’t watch anything. My membership is a gold one and I have purchased some extra videos eg rings.

No takers to help?

Leah@Ganoksin should be able to help,

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Hi @tonrob55hotmailcom. At the moment some videos are downloadable and some aren’t but we are working on making them all downloadable. I’ll contact you via email about the specifics of this.

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Do a web search on “how to capture videos”. There are various methods. I have looked into this myself for the same reason as yours but haven’t tried it.

One method is to copy the link for the video (its URL) from the address bar in your browser and then go to a website that will handle it for you. You enter (paste) the video’s address on the website.

Another method is to download a free or purchased program to your computer that will then capture the video directly.

These will not work with things like Netflix movies. May or may not work wih Ganoksin videos. I’d try a free method beofre buying anything.

Hope this helps.

Neil A

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I use ‘4K Video Downloader’ will download and save Youtube and other videos

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