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How to crochet with wire



I am new to jewelry making, April 2002. Needless to say, I am
completely hooked and want to learn it all. I really enjoy working
with metal - so far only sterling silver. I entered my very first
competion - Bead Dreams 2003 sponsored by Bead and Button magazine
and am proud to say that I took second place in finished jewelry. I
have just completed level I certification with PMC and look forward
to working with this medium. I would like to know how to crochet with
wire. If anyone out there would care so share info, I would be most



First question: Do you know how to crochet with cotton? If you
know how to crochet with cotton, it’s pretty easy to crochet with
wire because it is basically the same techniquel I use 28 or 30
guage wire. It should be dead soft. You can use just about any
size crochet hook, depending upon the look that you want. A very
small hook can be tedious work but the result is very pretty with
beads or crystals worked into it. It also results in a piece with
more substance and can be shaped in interesting ways. Larger hooks
result in a more web-like or lacey finished piece. I would sugggest
that you get some wire and experiment. I just recently tried
working with 26 guage gold filled wire with some interesting
results. Have fun with it!

Linda Gertsch
Infinity Jewelry


Hi Jude-- I’d be happy to be of help Re: Crocheting with wire. What
questions do you have–do you know how to crochet with yarn? If you
do it’s not a big step from one to the other. You can see some of
my crocheted jewelry by going to and
scrolling down to the page that says Fine Silver Crocheted Jewelry.
Please get back to me with questions ! Sincerely Sandra


Pretty much the definitive work is the book by Arline Fisch, Textile
Techniques in Metal. Crochet, knitting, weaving, wrapping, plaiting,
coiling, you name it, it the metal can be manipulated similar to
thread, cord, rope, leather, this book covers it.

Textile Techniques in Metal: For Jewelers, Textile Artists & Sculptors
by Arline Fisch 
Hardcover: 176 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 11.31 x 8.92 
Publisher: Lark Books; (December 2001)


One of the best books I’ve used for this is Textile Techniques in
Metal by Arline Fisch. She got me interested in metal weaving. I’m
sure there are more out there, it’s all a matter of author/artist
preference. Visit your local bookstore, grab a coffee and explore!



Hi Jude,

Crocheting with wire is the same as using yarn. I use 28 ga fine
silver and a hook between 6 and 10. The fine silver is much softer
than sterling and is no problem. When I knit, I go up to 26 ga. If
you want to include beads or pearls, string them all on to the wire
before you start and then bring them up one at a time and include
them into the stitch.

Betty Belmonte


hi you will love crochet in wire. i have been working in wire 20
years, andwith crochet for the past 8. you can check back on the
Lapidary Journal past issues in the library, or on their website,
for copies of some of the past workshops i have written for them. i
think there are 13 or so.

my website has a link to another site, a friend i conn.,.convinced
to try and before she knew it, she was going full out and worked out
some instructions. Karen died several years ago, sudenly, and her
site is still helping others. or give me a shout. pat