How to create Excitement in the store, increase average sale while having FUN!

Here’s another promotional idea that brings in a lot of excitement in the store. We did this with great traffic and fun.

This is a picture from the internet. This is what you do

A. Advertise “pop a balloon and get a discount or a great piece of jewelry”

B. Probably need to rent a helium canister and buy balloons and colorful ribbon.

C. Type in Word a list of discounts and old dated inventory that you want to give away to draw traffic. You might type “20% off Merchandise” 20 times or so as you’ll put these in balloons. YES, some should be higher dollar items and advertise it as such.

D. Cut the pieces up and fold them over, stuff one in each balloon, inflate with helium and tie with ribbon and let them float to the ceiling.

E. Customers come and pull down ONE BALLOON and pop it (have something handy to pop with).

F. No purchase necessary but most of these slips of paper will be 20% to 50% off. On the paper you can limit. As an example “50% off applies UP to items retail for $699” so you don’t give 50% off diamond engagement rings.

G. One piece of paper could say “Go pick anything you want in showcase #10. (This showcase has old dated merchandise)

H. Have your camera ready to take pictures of the showroom and the person’s facial expression when they see what they got.

I. You could also give away Starbuck gift cards, restaurants, anything.

Window signage, email, facebook/twitter/ whatever. Window Signage is important.

When you do this with 50 or more balloons the store turns into a FUN HOUSE, lots of excitement and increases sales.

David Geller
Director of Store Fun and Increased Sales

I wish that I had a “fun store” like this! What a great time to be with staff & owners and the customers.
Why not other holidays? Valentines, July 1st!

Gerry! On my Teaching iPhone!