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How to clean solder picks

My solder pics are a mess. How does one go about cleaning them up? What’s wrong with that thank you in advance. Christina butchko

Hi Christina

Unless I am missing something I don’t treat solder picks as anything special. I look at solder picks as disposable. As such I sand or file the surfaces down to a fresh surface and when the become unusable I break out a new one. I get them at Harbor Freight so it isn’t a heart break to toss them. I also will make a new one now and then out of 1/8" x 1/8" steel stock.



Oh so very cool. Maybe I was looking for the permission to just throw them out. I am going to take a look at Harbor freight. Thank you Don

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Harbor Freight has a package they call probes or something similar. They are six or so stainless handles with various points. If you asked, “Where is the soldering picks at?” I think you might get a blank stare.



Thanks for the thumbs up, Don

I use the Hook and Pick set as well as the Test Probe set. The Tweezers Set is a great source for disposable interlocking tweezers. They are cheap and you get what you pay for. Hence the frequent use of disposable.



I usually just grind off the old flux, etc. Either on a belt sander or with a coarse file.

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That works for me too. My picks are just sharpened titanium wire stuck into a hole drilled into the end of a piece of dowel…Rob


Steel solder pics can get ‘dirty’ with flux and solder. Either way, just grind off the mess with a Mizzy or similar wheel with any kind of rotary tool (flexshaft, etc.) or manually stone it off. I use several different kinds of titanium solder pics. solder does not adhere toTitanium, so the only stuff I have to clean off periodically is flux. Rio:

From Otto frei Search results for "solder%20picks"

From PepeTools:


Where do you get your titanium wire? Thanks, Penny

I clean them with baking soda and a scrubber. I also take a rough sandpaper (80 grit) and scrub off the residue.


I think from Rio, but I am sure others sell it too. Probably 18 gauge…Rob


I use titanium picks. I stick them in the pickle when they get “fluxy” and wipe them down with a towel.

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Get titanium picks. Then you can just heat it until it’s white hot and then that cleans it. Then I coat with flux to make it easier to pick up molten paillon balls. I’ve been using the same one for years. It looks like this.

I might suggest you (and others in this same predicament) contact a “dental supply company” and ask for their dental picks, why them? Their steel is among the strongest metal that you can find.
In my earlier days, we used to use them as steel that will move gold for hammering bezels. We held the ring on the mandrel that was resting against our body, the left hand held the dental divot and finally, we held the hammer on the right hand.
Nowadays, we use a “Reciprocating, Flex-Shaft Hammer”. Was this a convoluted process of hands and with tools? YES!
The “Dental Steel” tool is on the right. As well, I’m showing you an old file handle on the left. Both types of metal are so very strong and long lasting.
These two types of steel can be re-shaped to your own specifications and needs…Gerry Lewy!

Where did you purchase this? Company please?

I don’t remember. Probably would have been from China somewhere cuz I tend to buy a lot of tools from China. However, this Google Lens search I did brought up quite a few places. The one I have looks exactly like this one with the blue anodized aluminum handle and hexagon shape on the end.

Thank you so much. You are a wealth of information, and thank you for sharing always

I have the exact same type of solder pick. Purchased from Stuller, but the handle is red. Rio Grade has something similar.

Hi Christina,

My favorite soldering pics are from Pepe tools.

It’s a set of three, different color, titanium solder pics. I like to bend one of them at a right angle.
To clean, I use a curved blade X-acto knife and scrape off dried on flux.