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How to choose the most convenient Durston rolling mill?

I have decided to buy Durston rolling mill but I do not really know what model to buy. I do not know much about rolling mills and my budget is quite limited. I would like to be able to make sterling sheets and wire by my own. I was thinking about combination roller C100, C100 9 or C130R. What would you suggest since my budget is very limited?�-60-mm-x-130-mm::2013.html

Thank you in advance.


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I use my C130 Combination all the time. I did this after buying an economy model and learning that I really needed a rolling mill. A couple years later I bought the Durston. To me it is a matter of what you can spend. I would say get the biggest one you can afford. Make sure that you have a really heavy duty bench for it. I still use the economy model and have modified the plain rollers to roll a special type triangular wire that I use for a bracelet base. Good luck…Rob

Look for a used mill as well., Facebook groups like Artist Garage Sale and others. A good one will not be cheap, but you will get more for your budget.

@Durston_Rolling_Mill @durston is a long-time member and supporter of Orchid. He is about to announce a new rolling mill deal by @RioGrande on his new Agile C110. perhaps he can chime in?

It’s a pity you are not in the UK as I intend selling some of my workshop equipment now that I am retiring totally. I have this Durston D2 on a Durston cabinet stand that has served me well and am open to reasonable offers.

it just needs a good clean up, the rollers are dirty, not rusty.


I ran an economy Mill for twenty years and it did well for my needs of the time. I didn’t buy the economy because it was affordable I bought it to see if I would get enough use out of a rolling Mill to be worth the investment. It quickly became indispensible.

Buy the best you can afford and if you need to skimp some place else do it. I have a Durston as well and do not regret the price of it one bit.

Don Meixner

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Best wishes on retiring. I have been there and a lot of it is not easy.I have enjoyed your contributions and having a look at your amazing creations. Charles Friedman DDS Port Hueneme California

Thank you all for your help. I`ve decided to go with DURSTON DRM C130RE, even though it exceeds my budget way too much, but I believe that is a life time investment.

If i lived in GB or USA @jamesmiller046 @FSGmetal I would probably purchase used one for a start.

That’s the same one I have and I have been real happy with it. Be sure to learn how to take care of the roll surfaces so that they don’t get corroded…Rob

You will not be disappointed. I am very happy with mine.

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Hi James,
Do you still have your mill for sale?


Hi Gary,
Yes it’s still in my garage wrapped up in a blanket, it has been there for 6 years unused, my wife suggests it’s time for me to sell my workshop machinery. I will probably advertise my workshop items for sale on the Facebook groups I write on, but as of yet I have not offered the Durston for sale. Are you UK based, if so I live in North Surrey.


Hi James,
Yes I am in London. Please would you call or send me your number or write
with any details like model number, width, half round sizes, price, other
tools for sale? Which ever you prefer. Looks quite heavy! I’ll l need to
get a van to collect.

I went to school in Wallington. Are you anywhere near there?
Many thanks.

Best regards,

07811 256 360

Hi Gary,
I am fighting a chesty cold at the moment so not great on the phone for a while.
Can you send me an email, then we can communicate privately and I can send photos of items I intend selling, I live in Egham, Surrey.
My email address is;


I have the Durston DRM C 100 that I bought used from Otto Frei. It was called “used” because it had a chip out of the handle that turns the rollers. No big deal for function but it saves me about $200. I use it all the time and it has saved me much money and time. I would chose a slightly larger one with more roller space and less wire space if I were to purchase one now.

Happy making,

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