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How to cast Organics

Has anyone here cast organic items, like bees, twigs, leaves, etc… or a way to do this. I know I will be cutting some highlights in items with a graver…just not sure how well a cold mold or other process would render a good result with the most details.

I dehydrate and then soak in very hot wax ( making it very fluid) to occupy the space that moisture did before , fill gaps in thick parts sometimes cracking them open and rejoining, then retouch any wax excess, put spruces and go! This is for insects works similar on leaves and twigs .
Heavier organics can either be molded or burned out on long cycles and if to thick ( a piece of wood , you can blow out the ashes with a compresor ( glasses on and care not to get burn ) prior to casting.

I am just going to give you a link to the entire page–lots of casting stuff there.

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