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How to best value and identify pearls

I have a collection of assorted pearls that was a part of an estate I bought from a jeweler that was in storage for approx. 14 years.

She was a goldsmith and had decent equipment and materials - the stones I have are very nice (though some of those I’m having issues valuing as well).

I wouldn’t mind selling some, but I definitely want to keep some - but without knowing what I have, not sure how I could value any finished jewelry I might decide to make with them.

Here are some pictures of a few of them … any help would be appreciated!

The American Peal Company is still in business, give them a call.

It looks like you need a professional appraiser. There are two organizations that i would consider - american society of appraisers and international society of appraisers. I turned up the northern california site of ASA -
You need to search for a Gems and jewelry appraiser - they have a phone number at the top of the page. These are not cheap estimators but rather professionals whose opinion is sought in estate and court cases. They can help you figure out what you have and how much to insure it - because it sounds like that might be a consideration. Appraisers may not purchase what they appraise. They will likely be able to help you value your stash and advise you on where to sell if you so choose.

I believe I can help with identification & valuations. The photos you published are pretty good so I’d have just a couple questions. I specialized in making pearl jewelry (18K & platinum) for the past 25 years out of my 46 plus years in the business. Both South Sea and freshwater pearls. I was also involved in pearl farming in the South Pacific plus wholesaling pearls. Send me a mail and I’ll give you my website & contact phone. Email: No charge of course. Not that it matters, which it really does not, but I’m also a G.I.A graduate. Real world ‘experience’ is what counts the most!


Oh wow Richard, thanks!

I tried to grab some more pictures of her collection …

It’s not ALL the pearls - just the more interesting ones.

Some vids …