How to best benefit from Jewelers Expo?

I am going to the Jewelers Expo this month for the first time. Does
anyone have any suggestions on how to best benefit from this
experience? Must see, etc…?



I’m attending the Bench Jewelers Conference in Atlanta, April 22-25.
Has anybody been to the previous? Any input? Feedback on how to best



I attended the conference in Chicago last year. One of the best
learning experiences I had was to just talk & share
tips & techniques & questions with the instructors & the other bench
jewelers. We’d stand around in the hallways & share info. or have
an impromtu “class”. Wear comfy shoes & bring a small notebook &
any tips or questions with you. Also bring a big stack of business
cards. I like to trade them with people I meet. I have kept in
touch with a few people I met & some have been lifesavers when I
needed info. or their special talents.

Hope to see you in Atlanta.
Here in the Ozarks the red buds are at their peak & the dogwoods
have just started blooming. 'Tis a pleasure.

This is my 2nd year attending and showing . it was a wonderful time
and the exchange of is just excellent. I look forward to
seeing you

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