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How to achieve this filagree/texture on carving wax

Specific tools/ heating tools??? Thanks in advance

there is a tool for making an edging on wedding bands called a miligrain tool… that would give a similar pattern to filigree wire(twisted wire pattern).

perhaps use a round wax bur to texture?
again, “edges” of textured depressions look softened
perhap soften with a flame…?


Use an old bur or beading tool, grind the tip to a point then slightly round off the point. You can use it in a pneumatic handpiece or tap it manually with a hammer. Adjust the sharpened tip and the way it’s contacted until you get the desired texture.

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Yea I’m sure It can be done post cast but I’m thinking it would save alot of time to do the pattern direct into the wax, I was thinking it might be some type heated dental tools or wax iron that was used to creat the effect

Yes I’m sure you could come up with a texture suitable.