How thin is too thin

Hey all!

About to cast a small pendant in 14k gold and I’m a little unsure if it’s too thin to come out. Is there a threshold I shouldn’t go under? The piece on it’s thinnest parts are .20mm thin but thicker in other places.
Thanks any help is good help!

Didn’t mention before but it’s made out of wax that’s thin!

Are you vacuum casting? You should be ok. Maybe add some sprue feeds to the thin areas for extra care. I would use a perforated flask as well

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If you have thicker areas with parts of it at .020” it should feed the thinner area’s okay. Just look at the piece and try to visualize the metal flow. You’ll want the thinner areas to cool first, to the thicker, the sprue and lastly the button.
If you don’t have perforated flasks you can use “WaxWeb” from Rio, plastic straws with one end plugged with wax and clipped to the flask with Bobby pins or wax wires tacked to the inside


That was so helpful thank you for taking the time to help me out :slight_smile: