How secure is your studio

Hello to all; I have watched with a great deal of interest and pain
this topic of studio security. Besides being a silversmith,I spent 27
years in the police service before my retirement 8 years ago. A great
deal of my career was spent in “crime risk management”. My schooling
in this area of law enforcement included among others specialized
courses and advanced certification from Texas A&M University. I
mention this,not to blow my horn,but simply to say that this field
within law enforcement is a very specialized field and relatively new
to it when viewed against traditional law enforcement.When Teresa
first told me about her loss some time ago (offf line),my first
thoughts were,“God if only we lived in the same city,I might have
been able to help her prevent this from happening”.With this said,if
I can be of any help to anyone,please let me know.I know that trying
to help from a distance via this electronic marvel would be to say
the least difficult,but I can at least share “principles”.There has
already been some good advice or thoughts expressed by Will on this
subject.I might add that most police departments in the larger cities
have “crime prevention units”,who will be more than glad to assist
anyone in preventing victimization. Many deal more in residential
security:however, a number will have personnel trained and
experienced in dealing with small business up to heavy industry,which
is where most of my experience lies. Maybe through this, I can pay
back some of the many kindnesses extended to me from other
Orchidians. With best wishes, John Barton