How old is Ace magnetic tumbler

Am wondering if anybody has an Ace ECO-MIV magnetic tumbler and can
tell me how old it is. And what the bowl is supposed to look like. I
cannot locate any online and the bowl w/ the tumbler is
only 2" high with 4 plastic pullover tabs. No center post in the
bowl to assist w/ spinning metal pins like in other brands. Am
thinking this is not the original bowl.

Somebody has one for sale and after 10 minutes running time it feels
warm to the touch. Not hot…but relatively warm. Am not familiar
with magnetic tumblers and wonder what can go wrong w/ them. It
appears the shot isn’t moving all around in the bowl…most of it
seems ‘stuck’ to the bottom. Normal? I see the pins on the top
whirling around.

I tried putting a few things in it and get a satiny finish after
about 4-8 minutes. Not shiny altho I did use a burnishing liquid.

Am curious what you use to pour this media into to clean it and
separate it from the water. Can’t locate a sieve w/ small enough
holes that will allow the water to drain but hold the media.

Thanks for any input.

Liane Redpath