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How much is gold polishing sweep worth?

Can anyone tell me about how much pure gold is in 1 pound of
polishing sweep? The polishing sweep would be only polishing sweep
(no trash) and would consist of about 90% karat gold and the balance
in silver.


you never really know until you send it in- with your used paper
towels, the adhesive matting by the doors, your carpet or flooring,
sink trap sludge, polishing cloths, used 1 " or less wheels used in
the flexshaft, and woolen points, old polishing wheels and anything
else the refiner takes and you have saved. It is always a surprise.
One refiner has a coupon for no assay fee with your first refining
order. so shop around before blindly sending it all off. rer

I used to have 55 gallon barrels. We had an old polishing motor with
wide air conditioner filters. Put polishing emery papers, rubber
wheels, bufs in it (bench sweeps were sent separate)

At $300 gold it would bring in $1500

David Geller

Hi All!

I used to work for a very large Canadian jewellery company and it
was time for their summer vacation. The staff of over 150 staff(then)
had always a 2% paid vacation.

The owner thought instead of paying the multitude of workers from
the companies pocket. He thought he’d refine all of the carpets and
whatever. He got back enough of the money and some more just from
refining waste. This was from all hand-washing sinks, polishing
buffs, polishing vacuum machines, emery paper bins, bench cleaning,
a/c filters.

…ad-infinitum! Was it worthwhile? You figure it out.