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How does orchid operate

Dr. Hauman:
I just wanted to check on something: I sent in mail to the list,
but not as "replies" to a thread of ongoing conversation.  One was
sent on April 9 and one on April 11.  Today is the 13th of April,
and I have not seen either one on Orchid.  I'd like to know if I
did something wrong, or if you had some objection to what I wrote.
 Please let me know.  I am a great appreciator of Orchid, and
would like to contribute, as well as lurk! Thank you,
Ruth Shapiro

Well, I suspect that it has much more to do with my end than

A fair question really, and being in the business of brokering
I will now attempt to justify the delays in posting
your messages.

I am pleased to say that the Orchid suscribers list now contains
more than 2,000 members. Currently, the average number of postings
per day ranges between 40 to 50. Thus, our server Email buster
handles around 100,000 outgoing Email messages a day from Orchid
alone. The Email clearing time depends, to some extant, upon the
traffic load and the overall conditions out on the Internet for the
given day.

Our biggest issue with getting your postings out to the list
members is the fact that I MUST read everything that comes in
before it gets sent back out to the list. Now, the reason I go
through all this is to spare you all from having to suffer noise,
junk mail, spams, repeated signature files, ect… I filter the
would be spaming, format each of the postings, and generally do what
I can to make the list content as clean and readable as possible. I
also try to make sure that the subject line refelects the message

Generally, I try to forward your postings twice a day - at around
6:00 AM and mid-night (Bangkok time). In my opinion, the list
moderation process is really necessary to insure the quality of
material going out to the list members. I hope that you will all
agree that Orchid is a great place to be and an excellent avenue
through which to settle your questions.

Should any of you experience specific problems in getting your
daily dose of Orchid, feel free to contact me



Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Webmaster Ganoksin Online

ICQ # 864 5224

Dear Dr. Aspler,

I’d say Orchid operates very well!

Thanks to you for monitoring/editing the content. I’m sure the
Orchid success & membership is due in no small part to your

A million thanks for providing this informative & addictive (bg)


Dr. Aspler,

To say that Orchid operates just great is such an understatement!
Where else could one find the wealth of available here.
With just a little dedicated searching and question-asking I’ve
acquired more specific knowledge here in the last six months than
I’ve been able to search out on-my-own in seven years of practice
and reading. Orchid and the list members have become my tutor, my
mentor, and, often, my savior!

Of course, things like Orchid don’t just happen. It takes the
services of Ganoksin Jewelry Co and Charles Lewton-Brain and Brain
Press. It takes the group wisdom found here in the list members.
It takes an atmosphere of acceptance, tolerance and respect. But
on top of all this, it takes the dedication and commitment you have
provided, Dr. Aspler, to make it all work.

I will think of you most days at 6:00 am and always at midnight
and appreciate the monitoring, editing, and effort you give to make
this such an incredible list.

To lessen your required reading and avoid being redundant I’ll
stop here with my most sincere “Thank you”!

Nancy Widmer
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA

Many thanks to Hanuman (Dr. Aspler) and the other folks at
"" for their tireless work, from which we all benefit!
Three cheers?!?

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

I will second Nancy’s remarks. Thank you Dr. Aspler. This group
is a treasure of great price - thanks to all of the Orchid members
and to those who make the whole thing happen. Jan McClellan

 To lessen your required reading and avoid being redundant I'll
stop here with my most sincere "Thank you"! 

I will have to second that notion of a most heart felt thanks!
Orchid is, and I am sure will continue to be, a place of knowledge
and friendship.

Thanks for all your efforts

Dear Mr. Aspler,

Looking at the all the job you do, I want to tell you with all the
small amount of English I know how I appreciate this forum who give
me a window on the world. Can we imagine it? Vincent Guy Audette

I too would like to thank Dr Aspler and all the people behind the
scenes who keep the system running. I have met so many interesting
"virtual" people, and some real ones too through the Orchid
mailing list.

Richard Whitehouse


Dear Dr. Aspler,

there is not a time goes by - whenever I open my
email - that I do not think with some awe of what you have created on this
site. I know that you do not invite our gratitude, but you sure have mine.
You have availed us all of a wonderful window on a whole new world, and
introduced me to an international cast of dedicated, knowledgable, and
generous fellow jewellers and enthusiasts. Dr. Aspler, thank you. Best
wishes, Rex from Oz

Well spoken Rex !

I feel the same way. Really !

Manoj Gupta