How does Orchid Operate? - Hanuman's Response


In response for many emails I had received off list, asking how
I manage to operate orchid.

Does You charge for participation on the list? 

No, Orchid is free, maintained and sponsored by myself for the
benefit of other jewelers and crafts people, professional or just
beginners. There is no silly question in our dictionary :slight_smile:

         I send a messege to the list and it still didn't
showed up on orchid. am i'm doing something wrong? 

A fair question really, and being in the business of brokering
I will now attempt to justify the delays in posting
your messages.

I am pleased to say that the Orchid suscribers list now contains
more than 3,000 members. Currently, the average number of
postings per day ranges between 40 to 50. Thus, our server Email
buster handles around 140,000 outgoing Email messages a day from
Orchid alone. The Email clearing time depends, to some extant,
upon the traffic load and the overall conditions out on the
Internet for the given day.

Our biggest issue with getting your postings out to the list
members is the fact that I MUST read everything that comes in
before it gets sent back out to the list. Now, the reason I go
through all this is to spare you all from having to suffer noise,
junk mail, spams, repeated signature files, ect… I filter the
would be spaming, format each of the postings, and generally do
what I can to make the list content as clean and readable as
possible. I also try to make sure that the subject line reflects
the message content.

Generally, I try to forward your postings twice a day - at around
6:00 AM and mid-night (Bangkok time). In my opinion, the list
moderation process is really necessary to insure the quality of
material going out to the list members. I hope that you will all
agree that Orchid is a great place to be and an excellent avenue
through which to settle your questions.

Should any of you experience specific problems in getting your
daily dose of Orchid, feel free to contact me
directly at


Thank you for doing such a fine job with this excellent group!!!

Hanuman, I think you do an absolutely great job. Thank you!


Dr. Hanuman, I for one wish to express a very humble "Thank you"
for maintaining the list as you do…Thank you…Charolette

Ms. Charolette’s Gold & Gem Specialties LLC
Rob & Charolette Purviance
115 N. 2nd Street
Guthrie, OK. 73044-3135
(405)-260-0638 (main office)
(405)- 260-0634 (fax)

Hanuman- Just read your post - you are amazing! I have been
unable to get to e-mail lately (though trying desparately to read
the digests) due to my new baby’s arrival 12-20-99 so didn’t post
my thank you as did so many others but I do want to thank you for
everything you are and have been doing for the metals community
and, in particular, for those of us in need of advice and
assistance. The Orchid community is marvelous and it obviously
wouldn’t exist in its present format or, perhaps at all, if it
were not for your dedication. Thank you is not enough!

Sheridan Reed

Hello Hanuman, It works great and I, for one, cannot thank you
enough. Tom Arnold

This group is terrific! Thank you Hanuman for doing all that
work. We all benefit from this forum. Do keep it going.

Hanuman, you have the best email list on the Net, and I
appreciate your decision to include those of us who are amateurs
and students so we may also learn. Geo.

Guys; Thank you for your kind letters i get both on list and off
list. Your appreciation and satisfaction is my reward. I thank
YOU all for being with us, and making Orchid more than a mailing
list. It is a family! Thank you.

Best wishes to All

Hanuman, It is staggering to try to comprehend that you
personally oversee 51 million messages per year. How fortunate
we are for your benevolence and generosity. I am sure that we
all appreciate the contribution you make to so many lives, as
you work alone at your computer in the wee hours of the night.
Thank you Hanuman, from all of us. Now, if you only receive one
little copper penny per message…Let’s see…that would be…A
LOT OF MONEY! Alan Revere

Hanuman, Like the song says, “you are the wind beneath my wings”. I
can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to fire up the
computer and find other kindred spirits out there. You truly have
helped me to make that running jump and begin flying. Annette (Net)

I thank you very, very much for running such a list. I’ve been
learning tremendously. Thank you again. Regina

Dr. Aspler, Hanuman To add a comment to those already expressed
courtesy, service, etc., I would like to include
integrity. Yours is a model for all of us. your personal ethics, and
the way you conduct this list is above any I have seen.

There have been many instances where you could have handled inquiries
for Thailand, but they appeared on list for all to have the chance to
see and perhaps offer service.

I find my words a bit clumsy, I appreciate your business and personal
integrity. Thank you, Teresa

I would just like to add my heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful
job you do, Hanuman! You are an invaluable resource which keeps the
Orchid Resource alive and well. Someday perhaps we can meet in your
neck of the woods. All the best, Shael

A big thank you for the orchid site, it is wonderful - like going to
school every day neat people - good solid advice. Just came home from
Quartzsite (6 days) & Sedona (5 days - I now know what e-mail is - 750
messages! love it Aileen