How does COD work?

How does COD work? It is a simple process, and if the Post Office
does their job right, the money is collected and mailed directly
back to you. You get a COD form from the post office when you mail
your package. You include your name, address, etc., and the
for the recipient. You have the option to have the
amount returned to you either by check, directly from the recipient
made payable to you, or you may ask to have the amount collected in
cash, and then the post office mails you a money order. You can use
registered mail or express mail if you wish–can even have the
amount returned to you by express mail, but keep in mind that the
post office will charge you for each and every service you tack on.
I use the USPS website to calculate the postage & fees for the
package I intend to send, and figure the cost of shipping into the
the amount of the check I should be receiving before I go out the
door. (The cost of the service depends on the amount of money you
are going to collect. The post office is NOT allowed to add
shipping charges to your requested amount at the time of shipment.)
It takes about 1 week to 10 days to get your money, but there is a
certain number of times the post office will attempt to deliver the
package and get the money before they give up and return the box to
you, so it may take longer under those circumstances.

I have also used COD with UPS, and the process is quite similar. It
certainly gives you peace of mind knowing that you are not just
sending your stuff out without some reassurance that you will get
either your money or your product back! Good luck!

Melissa Veres, engraver

Hello All:

I am finding that a lot of the retailers I deal with really don’t
like doing COD and won’t do it but even better they will pay upfront-
or fifty/ fifty- pay at time of order and then pay when order ships.
I deal with a lot of small boutiques - big stores or catalog
companies is another issue- I wait 60+ days most times. But the
boutiques get me through the wait. I also offer to long time
customers now that I will ship free if they pre pay. It may cost me
$20 to ship and insure but it beats the long wait to get a check.