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How does COD work? - for delivery of pieces


Hello again, If one was to ship an order out COD one would go…to the
post office? Perhaps this is a dumb question, but would someone who
has shipped merchandise out cod please explain to me how this works,
how much it costs, and how one claims the money the post office (I
assume) collects. I’ve never used COD before, but someone suggested
it as the best way to ship to new clients. Thanks to everyone who
responded to my “Best Business Practices” thread, you were all
extremely helpful. :slight_smile:

Augest Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs



The post office is the place to go to ship COD which allows mailers
to collect the price of goods and/or postage on merchandise ordered
by the addressee when it is delivered. You would fill out a COD
form which asks how much you would like reimbursed to you-cost of
item and postage and COD fee. You will pay for the postage and COD
fee which includes insurance. When the item is delivered, the
customer will pay the amount you requested either by check which
the PO will send directly to you or they will pay the full amount in
cash and the PO will make out a moneyorder and send that to you which
can be cashed at any PO or bank.

The COD fees run according to how much insurance you’d like. I’m
not sure of the rates anymore but they run about $5.00 for $50
insurance and then you add postage. So, for example, Priority Mail
(quickest and cheapest) with $50 insurance( which also includes the
COD fee) will cost you approximately $8.85(up to 2 lbs) which will be
reimbursed to you along with the cost of the jewelry by check or
money order. I hope this is helpful to you. You can also ask the
regular lst class rate of postage instead of Priority mail which
may be less expensive, but I’ve found that Priority worked best for my
needs. I hope this will be of help to you.

Lin Sullivan