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How do you size ring with a very taperedband

I often make rings that vary from 30 mm to 10 mm. Cigar band style. I could never get the size right I’ve tried using the Sizer’s on the chart and adding .5 mm for the thicker bands. **

**I’ve also tried measuring it at various places and taking an average and plugging that into the formula. My rings always turn out much too large, like an entire size. I know somebody out here has a solution to this problem thank you in advance Christina

Can you experiment with copper sheet in the same gauge of your rings? make templates, solder them and that way you would have guides for different sizes and not have to reinvent the wheel every time. Of course keep notes on the shapes and measurements and keep the copper models. if you are casting these, I would do a similar documentation and samples. you know, like: a 60 mm length by 20 mm width (at the swell of the band) in 16 gauge wax sheet makes a size XXX ring after casting. In my experience, a bunch of time devoted to this “reference library” will save you tons of time and $$ in the long run