How do you shut down your tanks?

The recent “new to acetylene thread” caught my interest when others
started sharing shut down routines for your tank(s) &lines. I would
love to compare others’ routines. It may be apple/oranges because my
set up is propane/Oxy.

My tank shut down order at the end of work, with flame engaged:

  1. Screw out Oxy regulator valve and when Oxy burned off, shut down
    stem valve.

  2. With propane flame still engaged, screw out propane regulator
    valve until burned off/ pressure gone, then shut down propane tank
    stem valve.

  3. Screw down(shut) torch gas controls.

I do this because in addition to bleeding out the lines, I know the
regulators are doing their job.

who loves her Meco :slight_smile:

Just another 2 cents to add, if somebody hasn’t already pointed it

Concerning the oxygen tank/regulator, you never want to open the tank
when the T wrench is turned in any amount at all, as the pressure in
a full tank, at 1500 psi, will slam into that diaphragm and spring a
leak in it, which means a new regulator since nobody wants to fix
those (liability issues). Also, when you open the tank, turn the
valve all the way out and snug it a bit in the fully open position.
Oxygen tank valves are double seating valves. Due to the extremely
high pressure, they need to seat in the open position to prevent
leaking around the valve stem.

David L. Huffman


I shut off oxygen at the torch level and then the propane. Then, I
shut off the tanks. Bleed the torch from there and then back off the
regulator screws. This ensures the gas pressure is completely gone
from the line and doesn’t refill from tanks.


Here is a set of gas handling guidelines here at the Ganoksin

Gas handling