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How do you make a Lobster clasp?


How do you make a lobster clasp?

I’ve seen how to make box clasps but that’s not the look I want for
a piece I’m working on. So If any of you have time to explain the
fabrication of a lobster clasp. I have an Idea of how it might work
but I’m not quite sure.

I think I can see the different components and how the lever/spring
action might work from studying Ned Bowman clasps.

I do not intend in anyway to reproduce his pieces (not my style
personally) his robust pieces just give me a better idea than the
cheap $1 pieces from wholesalers.

Thanks to all of you talented artisans / workman / metalsmiths /
goldsmiths how have taken your time responding to this inquiry.

Best Regards,
Liz Rishavy of Miele Melograno

How do you make a lobster clasp? 

I seem to recall Giacomo making one in one of his Benchtube videos,
which are on Orchid. Unfortunately I can’t remember which one -
perhaps someone else can. I think it was a bracelet he was making,
so perhaps a search on the Ganoksin website might bring it up.