How do you make a Lobster clasp?

How do you make a lobster clasp?

I’ve seen how to make box clasps but that’s not the look I want for
a piece I’m working on. So If any of you have time to explain the
fabrication of a lobster clasp. I have an Idea of how it might work
but I’m not quite sure.

I think I can see the different components and how the lever/spring
action might work from studying Ned Bowman clasps.

I do not intend in anyway to reproduce his pieces (not my style
personally) his robust pieces just give me a better idea than the
cheap $1 pieces from wholesalers.

Thanks to all of you talented artisans / workman / metalsmiths /
goldsmiths how have taken your time responding to this inquiry.

Best Regards,
Liz Rishavy of Miele Melograno

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How do you make a lobster clasp? 

I seem to recall Giacomo making one in one of his Benchtube videos,
which are on Orchid. Unfortunately I can’t remember which one -
perhaps someone else can. I think it was a bracelet he was making,
so perhaps a search on the Ganoksin website might bring it up.


Im trying to as well, and theres no info anywhere, not even the books.

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I just watched a video on YouTube on this:


My mind is blown! Thanks for sharing!!



I like how casually he describes the process like it’s just like making a simple ring lol


I started watching then stopped, guess i need to go back. So heres where i am so far on my own. I took one off an old necklace, superglued them to my silver, tra es, cut out and filed so far. Now i jave to get all the intricate cuts right. The steel coil is gonna be rough. I driver everywhere looking for coil small enough and wow, holding onto them isnt easy. See the pic…

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Dang it he’s got the bench pin I want. I’ve got the wooden form of it

Well done! I like it

I can not find any form of wire small e ough to do the coil spring. The original one is about 30 or 31 guage and no one sells in hard.

Hi Kimberly,

do you have this book yet?…if not, i think you might enjoy it…lots of exploded views of settings, components, catches. etc…

(i did not see a lobster clasp though…)

it is one of my top 10 favorite books…

also, i also love to recommend Peter Keep at:
he has many tutorials on clasps and other findings like omega back earrings, etc

his lobster clasp video is called parrot clasp…


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Awesome, i dont have that one tet. Added to my list. Im stunned its not in any of the main jeweler books.

McMaster-Carr is the go to for machinists’ supplies. They carry spring steel wire down to 0.006" diameter (30 gauge is 0.010").
However they also carry ready made torsion springs, which is what that shape of spring is called. They smallest diameter wire they have in those is 0.012", which is between 28 and 29 gauge.
Here’s the page for torsion springs.

Here’s their page for 304 stainless spring wire. The smallest quantity they sell will give you enough for several lifetimes of lobster clasps.

However, the most economical thing would be to just buy a guitar G string, as the fellow in the video uses.


Oh man thank you!