How do you know your running low?

they will drop a little between no-flow and flow. but try setting
the pressure with flow from the tip and see if that works. 

thank you Terry for your advice, i tried your suggestion, and the
pressure still dropped to 0 while i was using it, so I believe it is
faulty. The supplier has agreed to replace it, so all is well now,
many thanks again,


Hi all,

I have learned so much more about torches and gas tanks than I

I have been setting my pressure higher at a consistent 3 psi oxy and
5 psi propane since I had the problem, and the erratic flame has
disappeared. I think I am running low on both gases, because I now
notice the high pressure gauge indicating around 500 psi on the
oxygen, and it was higher when I first got it.

The Smith rep at my local welding supply (I didn’t buy a Smith, but
talked with the rep) told me about something called D K rise (please
excuse if misspelled). This is a pressure irregularity in the oxygen
as the tank empties.

Anyway my local jeweler also told me, earlier, to get a 2-stage
regulator on the oxygen to avoid this inconvenience. He uses a huge
tank, about 4 feet tall.

I will consider upgrading my regulator but right now I’m just
getting used to using the torch and getting better at accomplishing
what I intend each time. I think I will be okay.

I just finished a brooch, a sterling silver gecko with a copper
squiggle down its back, and bezel-set synth faceted aquamarine eyes.
I am very happy about how it turned out.