How do you do that?

Hi to everyone

I have a slight problem with manufacturing a, what seems a
simple, ring.

The ring comprises of 3 or 4 strands of gold wire approx 1.5mm
diameter all twisted in a line. The twisted section seems to be
untwisted about half to a whole turn and then the twist
flattened by hammering. The ends are cut and the individual
strand ends are soldered.

It look likes a loose twisted flat ring. Loose twists so you can
see right through them. See Lionel Peppers web page

I am having trouble getting the twists, when untwisting, even

Can anyone help?


Dear Andrew…Don’t untwist your twist…just hammer or roll
the initial twist. It will losen itself uniformly in the
flattening process. Steve

Steven B. Wardle & Barbara W. Knowlton
Forest Beach Design
Chatham MA 02633