How do Swivel Clasps work?

Hi There,

I want to make chunky swivel clasps, but im struggling to figure out the inner workings and how it all looks/assembles.

Anyone got any advice or diagrams i can use to design my own similar to the attached photo?

Any help appreciated!

Luke Brient

Hi! I use these all the time - preferred by millennials it seems - but I never considered making my own.

Here’s a photo of the ones I use. I’m wearing this on one of my bracelets - it’s the only clasps I use now that know about them.

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This type of clasp is called a swivel-eye trigger snap. You could put a sister hook on a swivel and get the same effect without having to deal with the internal spring.
In your photo the swivel part of the clasp is exposed. I assume it is the spring closing that has you puzzled.

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Dont get me started on clasps. Im working on teaching myself different ones and omg lol

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the challenge of making interesting clasps! See what you think ~


Exquisite! They are all absolutely stunning. The attention to details and skillful craftsmanship are evident in every single one. Well done!

wow these are so special!!