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How do I use a Lee Lapidary transfer jig?

Greetings, all. I inherited a Lee machine from my grandfather, and I’m happy to say that it is functional. However, I have only the most rudimentary basics when it comes to cutting, so I have no idea how to transfer a stone using a Lee jig. I’ve attached a picture of the jig that I have, so if someone knows how to transfer a stone from one dop to another, please help me out.

Do you facet? Unless you do, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Theory is you facet one side of the stone then place it in this jig to mount transfer the stone to another dop stick while preserving the angle of the stone.

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Go to YouTube, look at cutting faceted stones. One of the steps uses a transfer jig. Just search transfer jig.

Hello, Ogiwan,

99 percent of the time you’d use a transfer jig only for a faceted stone, ie, not for a cabochon. (I apologize if this is obvious, but you said your knowledge was rudimentary.) You’ll also need an alcohol lamp or other heat source for warming the material that holds the stone to the dop. If you ask this question on the US Faceters Guild, you’ll get lots of help.