How do I sell my custom jewelry store?

Wondering If anyone knows the best way to sell a jewelry store. I’ve
had Metal & Stone for many years and can’t find the right manager to
run it. I’m considering selling it. I had a company valueit at $250K
but I’d sell for $100k and am able to offer financing as well as
needed. I’d also entertain the idea of having someone come in and
partnering. The store is located in a very high-end area of
CharlotteNC and has very low overhead. It took over $100k and 4
months to sculpt the walls and integrate the showcases. It comes
turn key with TL30 safe, all inventory, all equipment, customer
list, molds, sketches, remote viewing camera system etc. Many cool
extras. My heart just isn’t in it and I need to focus on my other
stores. Any ideas much appreciated. Please visit the included