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How do I search topics?

I am trying to find information about how to do depletion guilding. I’ve searched it and have seen a bunch of posts about the specifics, and even one post that says, “I’ve read all of the posts about how to do depletion guilding”, but I am not able to find a thread about the basics of how to do depletion guilding. What is the most efficient way to search a topic. Clearly the info is on the site, I just can’t seem to access it. I know I could write a question for the general public, but why ask if everyone has already answered, better to run a search if I can just figure out how to do it the right way.

Did you try to search on the word reticulation or reticulated?

Try spelling it gilding - I got some hits with that. Reticulation is not depletion gilding.


Really? How is the repeated heating and cleaning procedure done differently in depletion gilding than in reticulation?

The term is ‘depletion gilding’ and not ‘depletion guilding’ :relaxed: But you should try both, as a lot of posters have made the same mistake!

Here is my search for ‘depletion guilding’:

And here is my search for ‘depletion gilding’:

Janet in Jerusalem

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