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How do I polish my silver?

Hello Friends!

Regarding silver care: I strongly suggest that every silversmith, collector, and curator visit The
Care of Silver page on my Web site. There’re you’ll notice that even the aluminum foil technique
removes silver from sterling. There have been numerous individuals over the years who have disagreed
with my findings that Tarn-X and the aluminum foil methods remove silver. That’s fine, but I won’t
waste my time attempting to convince those who don’t have three decades of conservation research

So, once again, take some time out of your day and THOROUGHLY read The Care of Silver
( I’ve posted this material to enlighten those who are looking
to respect their silver, not destroy it. And you may also want to bookmark that page since I
occasionally update it.

Sorry, I get a bit crabby. By the way, Global Warming is real!

Jeff Herman

I’m having troubles with that aluminum method.
The baking soda I’m using doesn’t do the job together with boiling water
and Al.

Instead of that methode, I like to use borax, hot water and a zinc plate.
Same methode as with Al but borax instead of baking soda.
Make sure you seperate the zinc from the solution and you can reuseit over
and over again.

Another easy way.
Whatever it’s worth it.



This is another destructive way to clean silver.

See the results of using this method here:

Jeff Herman