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How do I go to ganoksin website from the Orchid forum?


I am viewing the Orchid forum on my Iphone.

I would like to bounce over to the Ganoksin site to look for videos…

Is it possible? if so how?

Or, do I need to open a new tab and google it again?


on your phone, yes you have to open a different tab. mobile header doesnt have a back to ganoksin button

ok, thanks Seth! I normally view on my desktop, and did not recall having a problem figuring out how to bounce back and forth…it is set up such that I did’nt even need to think about it.

then, today, while on my phone, i was confused!

I kept clicking on the Orchid ring icon, ha ha! but nothing was happening!

I figured I should open a new tab, but thought I should ask in case I was just spacing out!


we should incorporate it into the mobile header at some point - it’s on my list :wink:

We are actually working on the redirect problem now (the one you mentioned earlier)… I am hopeful we can get 90% of the old links working.

Hi Seth!

ok, that is so very awesome! You guys are wonderful!