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How do I clean torch tips?

I have a Smith’s Little Torch and a Microflame torch (like
Aquaflame) that uses MEK. I think the torch tips may be a bit dirty.
One of the jewellery equipment suppliers suggested cleaning it in the
ultrasonic cleaner. I am not confident about doing this before I
check with anyone else. Any suggestions please?

Marisa- I’ve used a water torch for years. Sonic and steam. Easy

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

As long as you are talking just the tip take it to a welding supply
and ask your question there.

Don Meixner

I realize my suggestion could have sounded short and snotty. No my
intent at all. Welding supplies sell tip cleaners for almost any
purpose and torch tip. With out knowing which type you have a welding
supply would be the best choice I think. And a call to the
manufacturer or the supplier might work as well.

Happy Sunday, August 03, 2014
Don Meixner

Thanks everybody. I have already checked with the equipment supplier,
not the manufacturer, but I have learned to check with more than one
source before attempting to do things like this!

I will try putting them in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Best regards