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How do I bring luster back on Lapis Lazuli

I accidentally (from ignorance) put some vintage lapis into my ultrasonic cleaner. Any way to bring the luster back?


You could try buffing with zam. Vince LaRochelle

Thank you both.

Is it attached to a ring or some other piece of jewelry I gather since it went in the ultrasonic cleaner? If zam doesn’t do it, you might need to go back few grits before polishing (1500?, 1200? or maybe worst case scenario 1000. Obviously start with zam first.

I have sanded and polished lapis that is already set in a bezel on my set of resin lapidary wheels (600, 1200, 3000). Obviously you are doing the same operation to both the bezel and stone, so they are both on the same newly created surface. This requires that the bezel be good and snug to the stone all around. Final polish both the bezel edge and stone with ZAM.

Thank you both so much. I will take the pieces to the lapidary fellow I work with as I don’t have any stone polishing equipment. Your advice will be shared with him.

Try Zam first. You might use a felt buff on a flex shaft if you have one.

Again, the bezel needs to be good and tight to the stone. Otherwise you may open a void as you remove bezel material along with the stone.