How did you name your business or brand?

I had been married more than once and changed names each time. I
thought that a business name that would last through whatever was to
come would be better than having to live with some name that didn’t
seem to be permanent.

I work gold, silver and have done some blacksmithing too. In the
late 1800s, my family had a business building ships in Marstal
Denmark. In 1990 I registered the name Marstal Smithy. It refers to
metal working but isn’t specific to what kind.

Later as it became useful to have a business name less tied to
metal, I’ve used Marstal Press, Marstal Construction and a couple of

My website is, but also a url with my name

I went a long ways to have a multipurpose business name and after 23
years still have the same name because I’m still married to the same
wonderful man. Who knew?

Incidently - the town of Marstal in Denmark wasn’t particularly
happy that I had the url

Judy Hoch, G.G.

I had different names starting out. However, shortly after I went
fulltime, I married. I used Perdasofpy Designs for a long time, to
cover my work & my husband was a Native American drum maker. After
becoming single again I prefer just a sign with my name.
It’sunusual, people don’t forget you. Like Tina Turner, that was, is
my artist name, the only name people know me by. for over 23 yrs.

I had a Navajo friend people remembered his name, Ben Turquoise. I’d
hear people say “Ben Turquoise. what kind of turquoise is that?” &
if he wasn’t around I’d tell them that’s his name.

Sharon Perdasofpy

I took the first 2 letters of my wife’s name (yo) from Yolanda. I
added my nickname (dan) and had Yodan.

Years ago my family had a smithy in Marstal Denmark where they built ships in the late 1800s. Since I had changed my name more than once, it made sense to pick one with meaning - thus Marstal Smithy.