How are you finishing your pieces? Matte vs High polish? Cutting Sheet Metal?

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First Topic - Coating - Specifically for brass, anyone using a coating or just sending it along with care instructions for the customer to take care of? We currently use Everbrite and while I love what it does, I find it adds a ton more time in the finishing process. Does anyone have any tips for mass dipping, or do you even coat it at all?

Second Topic - Matte vs High Polish - So I posted a thread about using tumblers, but in reading, many people prefer to go with a matte finish. Is it because it’s an easier finish to obtain, aesthetics, etc?

Cutting Sheet Metal - What do you think is the most efficient method for cutting pieces from sheet metal? We currently use a galvo fiber laser, but honestly, the pieces are charred, requiring being fully sanded before tumbling, and it’s not quite as fast in comparison to those giant X-Y fibers you see. Any ideas?

If coating puddles are a problem, you may be able to avoid them by hanging pieces in a food dehydrator (dedicated to this task) so that the coating will dry before puddles accumulate.

A matte finish is done for aesthetics and it requires more time to achieve than a high polish. A matte finish doesn’t cover-up, it enhances the surface. The finish needs to be perfect before applying the matte finish.

Keep notes about combined processes which can affect your efficiency. An example is when a time intensive cutting process like sawing can be the most efficient cutting process for the overall project because sawing creates less edge imperfections, thus saving time which would otherwise be spent filing. Tumbling will not relieve you from having to file the edges, but you might experience greater efficiency by starting with a cutting method that creates fewer unsightly problems that must be removed.

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I mostly work in copper , so coating before selling is important. I use 2 different clear coats, depending on the weather.
Evebrite Protect a clear, which you already use, and Clear Guard from Sculpt Nouveau .

Clear Guard being a spray would likely be faster for batches, BUT in high humidity it can cloud ( as most lacquers do), so beware.