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How are these stingray bracelets generally constructed?

In my studies of learning to to make jewelry, I like to look at other people’s finished pieces and wonder how they are constructed. I’m curious how all of these popular stingray bracelets are made. Particularly, how are they locking in where the decorative metal bands are on the stingray cord?

Probably the best way would be to drill through cord and metal band and use a pin that you flare on both sides like a rivet.

But from fitting acrylic watch crystals and working with precision fit bearings I wonder if some people are freezing the cord and then putting a warmed metal band on the cord? (If the stingray cord gets smaller in the freezer).

Or, are they only gluing with epoxy since the majority of these are mass produced?

Thanks for any methods I have not thought of.

I just thought of another method…

Are they making their own compression tool that fits the metal bands or can you buy a tool like this?

Rick, thank you for a post that sent me off reading about exotic leathers. What a fascinating topic! I had no idea that leathers from the ancient species contain bits of calcium or other ‘armor’ that lend them to unusual finishing methods.

I gather stingray leather cords are hollow? If so, the bands could be held stationary by first inserting a short length of something into the center of the leather cord, adding a band, inserting another short length into the center, etc. IOW, bands held stationary via a thin/thick squeeze effect. Alternately (still guessing) I gather there is a glued or stitched seam running the length of the cord? Perhaps the maker takes advantage of it in some way?

Failing some fruitful speculation, I’d buy one and take it apart. (-:



I don’t know if it makes any difference in your thoughts regarding construction, but the bracelets in the photo are simulated stingray.

Ah, I didn’t know from the photos, but that’s fine. I’m just curious about the general construction.

I know that you can purchase real stingray cord already wrapped around some kind of rubber core.

Thanks for the information everyone!

Rick, if you can buy real stingray cord, please tell me where to find it.

In my sourcing experience, all stingray skin sold as real is actually faux …probably embossed cowhide.

One reason for it’s scarcity is that it’s exceedingly tedious to process.

Here is a photo of real stingray leather. It’s all in the tiny details, most of which you can see in the texture.

Such as the various sizes and randomness of the bumps.

There is no way you could isolate a section and see that bump pattern reproduced anywhere else on the fish skin.

Visually, up-close, it’s possible to identify most of the simulated stingray skin.

Real stingray is a rich treat for the fingers and eyes.

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