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How are tapered round settings sunk into ring shanks?


This question will probably make all you professionals laugh… but
I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how those neat looking round
tapered stone settings are fitted into ring shanks for tight

I can normally deconstruct things in my head and figure out steps
and tools that were probably used when I look at examples. This is
sometimes a necessity because I am self-taught so far. But this one
leaves me wondering.

I know the ring shanks are made first, and then the ring is drilled
and filed to fit the exact angle of the tapered settings. But my
question is, how do they do this for a perfect fit?

Is there a tapered kind of bur that I don’t know about? That would
be the easiest way to do it if there are calibrated tapered burs that
match the same taper as the pre-made tapered settings I see.

I’m 100 percent certain that some of the examples I see are hand
made rings and not CNC’d so I’m just impressed of the perfect fit of
the tapered round settings that are sunk into the ring shanks. I
would very much like to try making this in my newly addictive hobby.

Much appreciation and love for anyone who will share these secrets.

Rick Powell


You can get tapered burs with the correct angle.

Regards, Gary Wooding