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How am I doing? Comments Please ! - Tig

I’ve been intersted in Ornamental Turning and Guillcohe Engraving (Enging Turning) since 1995… but have been slowley getting into jewelry over the lasgt couple of years. Posted below is a pict of a recent piece and only the second I have made a setting for. I think I am going to change direction and go for less clutter, depth and cleaner lines but any feedback would be WONDERFUL!

The ‘stone’ is guilloche’ engraved and vitreous enameled sunset. The setting is a combination of fine silver, sterling silver and 22k gold. It depicts a beach at the base with a Pismo Clam, a rock face to the left with a Bat Star (type of Starfish / Sea Star) and climbing up the right side and over the top is Bull Kelp. Obvioulsy, pearls up the neck. Matching Earings

Oh, I am starting off the New Year by selling one of my Rose Engines. Comes with an Oval Chuck w/Double Eccentric, Straight Line Chuck, and about 50 interchangeable rosettes. Asking $19,500k obo. Serious inquiries only, please.

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I’m curious, did you remove or cover the guilloche for the water reflections? And how did you do it?

Hi Betty 2 - I did not remove or cover anything - I just did not engrave in the sections of the water that are refective… sorta’. The engraved sections are also reflective. They just reflect differently. What you are seeing is the contrast of one surface with respect to another. This contrast changes as you view it from different directions or under different light. This particular piece was made by Brocading although I have done water pieces with simular (but different) effect using a Straight Line Engine as well. It can be difficult to show the effect through a lens and even more so with a single view because it does change with shifting light and position. Attached is an water engraving using a very different techique and with a Straigh Line Engine.

For those who are not familiar with “Engine Turning” (also know as Guilloche’ engraving) there are 3 major types of engraving: Straight Line Engraving, Rose (or Round) Engraving and Brocading.

Brocading is somewhat controversial as to whether it is truely Guilloche’ or not because of a difference in cutter movement and hand involvment. Martin Mathews has Brocading in his book entitled “Engine Turning” and that is good enough for me to include it as part of the art. Brocading is further broken down into Round and Straight work.

Koi: 2" diameter, fine silver and 24k gold.

I am not at home so I cannot take a new photo to show the engraving but I was able to blow up a section of the above image so you can see the engraving better. The thousands of tiny facets in this engraving style gives it the name of Brocade - like fine brocade lace.

The enameling is a bit drowned out in this image but consists of several translucent greens and blues as well as opaque white (which interestingly looks like dark blotches in this image).


Thank you for this education. Dad gave me an enameled Guilloche ring 55 years ago, and I’ve been able to recognize Rose engine engraving ever since. These other types of engine engraving were a mystery to me until you shared these photos and explained it.

I love the colors and design of your demiparure, and agree with what you say about how the other components distract attention away from the engine turning because the engraving is most interesting.