How about Rhino glue?

Someone asked how Rhino glue compared to Hot Stuff? I haven’t used
Hot Stuff as an adhesive for intarsia because I honestly don’t know
if it’s waterproof (can’t find one source that says it is and I
looked) and would hold up well enough. Rhino is waterproof and has
excellent shear strength and why I like it for that use.

I did notice a difference between the two for filling pits (in
stone). Tried filling a pit with Rhino glue and when it dried was
somewhat sunken, wrinkled, and white but I didn’t fill the pit first
with baking soda (which is recommended to thicken the glue) so
suppose that could account for the shrinkage. Hot Stuff dries clear
as a bell which is GREAT, so I do plan to stick to Hot Stuff as a
pit filler.

Hope that’s somewhat helpful, Carol. New Orleans. Hot. Weeds WAY
taller than me now in Lakeview. Eek :-o