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How a mustard seed charm is made

Thank you for the infomation on how to eletroform a baby tooth, but
my customer has changed her mind again. Now she wants it to look like
a mustard seed charm, where it looks like it is floating in plastic.
Does anyone know what type of material I could use to get that
effect? She wants the tooth to be plain(not plated), but floating in
the plastic/resin stuff with a gold base.

Any thoughts would be great.
Kirsten Reynolds

Resin comes in two parts try the hardware store, it is used to cover
wood, wax up a cup or dish not a paper or Styrofoam cup fill half
let stand for a few minutes and place in your tooth fill in, buff it
as you would a stone will come out clear don’t buy the cheap stuff it
turns yellow or gets foggy and do not over mix or you will get
bubbles if a bubble does form tap it on the table till it comes to
the top if that does not work try a toothpick. Practice with
something fragile till you get it down pat. Like dry flowers a
friend uses this to make little charms.


There is a great artical on Resin right here on Ganoksin.

I would use the EnviroTex Lite or Colores as they are very clear.

Wendy D