Houston Jewellery Attractions

I’ll be passing through Houston at the end of January and will have
about half a day of free time. Can anyone suggest any interesting
jewellery attractions such as an interesting gallery or store
carrying jewellery art. Also, are there any wholesalers of gold chain
or gold pendants or cabochon stones in Houston that you can suggest.

Milt Fischbein
Calgary Canada

I am from Houston but unfortunately I do not have the Yellow Pages
to look up addresses for you. I will contact later with some

There is a jewelry exchange on Bellaire at Highway 59 (Southwest
Freeway) in front of Sharpstown Mall that is interesting. High-rise
building with many wholesalers dealing in metals and stones and
finished product. Not far from there is Oriental Crest who
advertises in a number of journals on Savoy that has a great
selection of There is also another wholesaler in the same
building. This puts you near our famous Harwin Street that sells
everything that is a “knock-off” or “imitation designer” of the
original and has some sterling to offer.

Some directions-- Harwin intersects Savoy and Bellaire with Savoy
also intersecting Highway 59. I would use the term “block” but a
city block in Houston means nothing and unless you are training for
the Olympics this is not walkable. If you could advise me of where
in Houston you will be I can give you some detailed directions.
Houston is very spread out plus you need to be aware of the late
afternoon traffic that may impede your returning to the airport in
time for your flight.

One more place that I have not had time (money also) to checkout is
Houston Precious Metals. The location is near downtown and for
security reasons, do not have their name on the building. They sort
their metal by type and if you want to search through bins of old
chain and jewelry, you can find some interesting things. They sell
this 7% above spot market by weight.

Nancy Logan

The Museum of natural since has an interesting collection of stones
on display ( in the museum area, next to the medical center). Most
gold, diamond, stone beads and silver wholesalers are concentrated
in 6222 Richmond avenue ( about 5 minutes from the galleria). Haim

I highly recommend Donoho’s at The Woodlands (I45 just North of
Houston) they have a great museum gallery in addition to great

Milt, be sure and check out the Houston Center for Contemporary
Craft at 4848 Main phone 713-529-4848. The Asher gallery,located in
the center, sells jewelry by artists from all over the U.S. You will
probably also find a really great exibit in the main Gallery space.
They are open every day but Monday. Frank Goss