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Houston Art Crawl

Is anyone familair with the Houston Texas Art Crawl ? We are having
our grand opening on Nov 18th and we are setting it up to be part of
the Art Crawl. Just wondering if anyone has had repeat customers with
a overall function like this.Take care


Hi Tina,

I had my work in the Fleury Gallery (on Colquitt just off Kirby
Drive) about 2 years ago during an “art crawl”. The entire block
consisted of galleries. I have never seen so many people show up for
an “art crawl”! Many of the galleries were standing room only too.
It was something! The galleries offered everything from photography
and sculpture to jewelry and furniture. Don’t know where your gallery
is located, but Houston (I grew up there) is a pretty savvy art town.
And it never seems to hurt when people are offered free wine!

Good luck to you!

Okay then… LOTS of free wines coming up :wink: I am very excited, we
are lauching a new line that is made up of cooper/bronze/silver and
gold plated leaves… i wore some to the gem and jewlery show and
gave a way a ton of cards… so people are noticing them (yeah) We
willbe located at 1310 Nance Street – since you use to live here…
the closet landmark I can think of is the baseball field. We are in
a loft in the Erie Iron Works. Wish me well!