Housing torch gases outside

All, I have decided to rearrange my studio so that it is more
efficient. The cornerstone of my plan is to house my propane tank
in a lean-to shed I am going to build against my shop. I am also
considering putting other items there like my dust collector and
eventually an air compressor. However, what about housing an oxygen
cylinder in an unheated space like that? (it will be against a
south facing wall in a sunny spot) If I moved my oxy tank outside I
could actually get a larger tank and not have to go to the welding
supply place as often. Are there any other precautions I should
take to protect equipment or tanks if I house them in an unheated
space? I know the propane will be fine outside as well as make my
studio safer and more spacious, but I am a little worried that the
other equipment might not take the changes in temperature and
humidity as well. Any thoughts?

Larry In North Carolina where I still have trees to cut down and haul
away after the ice storm and orders to fill and lights to put out so
I don’t look like Scrooge and I am so bummed that I didn’t sell
enough work to afford to go to Tucson.

Once I began lampworking and needed a monster sized oxygen tank
(comparatively speaking) I too was face with the same thoughts.

The conclusion I came to (and I’ve not yet built it) was to house my
tanks in an insulated and roofed shed structure on the outside of my
work area with the necessary hoses coming through the vent. This
would protect the tanks from the elements. My final design turned out
to be quite an elaborate structure with additional storage for seldom
used equipment!

However, I was talking to a friend who pointed out to me that the
gas supply shops where we both purchase our oxygen store their tanks
outside and unprotected from the elements …

Sadie In the normally dry and sunny Bay Area in CA - not the case at
the moment.