Hot Glue

I love this forum…I’m a “newbie” to both the forum and
metalsmithing so I really appreciate everyone’s patience and input.

I’m was going to try green Dop for the first time when I saw you
could use Playdo but needed to use an ultrasonic cleaner…is there
another way to clean as I do not own an ultrasonic cleaner. Also,
was wondering about “Hot Glue”…would this work and how would I
clean this.

Thanks in advance

Hi, Liz

I was the one who brought up the Playdo thing. You might try the old
fashioned way. In one of the shops I worked in, we boiled pieces on
the stove to loosen dirt and impurities. We used water, ammonia and a
little red rouge added to the pot. No, I didn’t know why we added the
red rouge. I was still a raw apprentice back then. Hopefully the
stones in your piece can handle the heat of boiling. We used that and
a toothbrush. Worked for a great many things. We also had an
ultrasonic. My boss did things the way he did because that was the
way they did them where he learned the trade. Many questions were
answered with “because that’s the way it’s done.” I suspected he
didn’t know and didn’t want to admit it. Hope that helps!

Robin C. McGee (who finds the Orchid List to be the best
source of he has ever come across. Thank you everyone!)