Hot enamelling

Dear Orchidians

Can anyone help me out here I need to know the following

  1. the entire process of hot enamelling
  2. the best material resouce for enamel for hot enamelling

Any help here will be greatly appreaciated

Best regards

Hello Kumar,

I assume that by “Hot Enamelling” you mean enameling with vitreous
enamel on metal with a kiln at high temperature.

1. the entire process of hot enamelling 

It would be helpful in pointing you to the most useful information
for you - if you could narrow down what it is that you need to know
about the process of enameling - i.e. what particular technique in
enamelling you are trying to find out about - and what you are
hoping to make with enamel. I’m afraid that it would be hard to
explain all aspects of the entire process of enameling here in a
post to the forum - as there are a vast many enameling techniques
and many process variations within the many enamelling techniques.

But what I will be able to do is to point you to a few great links
that will outline many of the techniques in enameling and the
processes employed for those techniques.

eNAMEL Online Newsletter is a SUPER resource for everything to do
with enameling! Check out all the issues and the archives for
enameling instruction:

Introduction to enameling - Enamel Preparation: And an article about
enameling on sterling and fine silver and gold alloys in an archived
issue of eNAMEL. This great link lists includes MANY of the web-based
articles on enamel available.

Articles On Glass On Metal WEBSITE:
Including a fine article “Introduction to Enamels GoM” :

Ruth Ball has a wonderful article with pictures on enameling in
several different techniques: eNAMEL September_2002

Merry Lee Rae shares a Most Excellent discription and pictures in
her article on cloisonne of Cloisonne Enameling:

An enameller Magick has an fine article on Cloisonne.

Pictures of the process and how they enamel:

Karen Cohen’s book description web link outlines many techniques:

And if you go to the Orchid Ganoksin website and search the Tip’s
From The Jeweler’s Bench pages search word enameling you can read
through MANY articles on enameling including:

2. the best material resouce for enamel for hot enamelling 

I can point you to several material resources for enamels. I get
many enamels and enameling supplies from Coral at Enamelworks Supply
Company, from Thompson Enamels, and from Bovano U.S. supplier of
Soyer enamels.

Enamelwork Supply Co. 1022 NE 68th Seattle, WA 98115 Ordering:
1(800) 596-3257 Information: 1 (206) 525-9271

Thompson Enamel, Inc. 650 Colfax Ave. Bellevue, KY 41073 (859)

Bovano of Cheshire 830 S. Main Cheshire, CT 06410-3410 (800)
847-3192 (203) 272-3208 - Emaux Soyer “Cristallerie De Saint-Paul”
leaded enamel powders.

And there are other resources World wide - here is a link to an
enamel supplier list:

I wish you the very best of luck !

Sharon Scalise

Can anyone help me out here I need to know the following 1. the
entire process of hot enamelling" 

If you have no experience in enameling I highly recommend getting
some books or taking a class as there are many forms of the
technique. I have a classic book by Kenneth Bates published by The
World Publishing Co. in 1951 that covers the history, tools, and
techniques for all of the various forms. In many areas there are
basic classes for beginners like at the local YMCA or I used to teach
7-10 year olds enameling at the Childrens Aid Society in NYC so ask
around I am sure you can find something. Best of luck and have fun it
is a great medium!

Beth McElhiney
Martha’s Vineyard

Hi Kumar

The Guild of Enamellers in the UK has produced a DVD available in
most formats called “Enamelling on Copper for Beginners”. It is 3
hours long and is quite comprehensive. You can find all the details
on their website

The Guild exists to encourage and promote the craft of enamelling
and the work of members, to seek to exert a progressive influence on
standards of workmanship and design in enamelling and to foster good
public relations and develop links with other crafts. It is a
non-commercial concern.

Best wishes

Senior Art Clay Instructor
Associate Craftsman of the Guild of Enamellers